arrow.pngAmpetronic CLD1AC Small area and counter loop driver


Ampetronic CLD1AC設計用於與CLD1相同的應用,並具有相同的規格,但是CLD1AC裝有內部電源,用於獨立應用。

CLD1AC Compact Loop Driver 設計用於櫃枱和小型空間。CLD1AC的尺寸僅為180 x 74 x 35mm,輸出電流為2.4A  RMS,是同類產品中最小,性能最高的放大器。




用途 :
 - 票務和服務櫃檯
 - 零售櫃檯
 - 客戶服務部
 - 接待處
 - 面試室
 - 小會議室
 - 出租車和私家車


The Ampetronic CLD1AC is designed for the same applications and to the same specifications as the CLD1, however the CLD1AC is fitted with an internal power supply for standalone applications.

The CLD1AC Compact Loop Driver is designed for counter systems and small area perimeter loop systems. Measuring only 180 x 74 x 35mm and with an output current of 2.4A RMS

The CLD1AC is the smallest and highest performance amplifier in it’s class. Designed and built to Ampetronic’s high standards of reliability, the CLD1 offers certainty of performance and the lowest lifetime cost available.

Audio quality is ensured with metal loss correction (MLC) combined with Ampetronic’s usual high standards of design. The CLD1 is designed for flexibility and convenience, featuring 2 separate microphone inputs with independent level controls, one of which can be configured as a line input.

All cable connections are made on a single face of the unit, adding flexibility and further simplifying installation.

Applications include :
 - Ticket and service counters
 - Retail counters
 - Information kiosks
 - Reception desks
 - Interview rooms
 - Small meeting rooms
 - Taxis and private cars


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